Obama is ultimately going to dare the Republicans to impeach him. Will they?

The United States is a constitutional republic. It is not a democracy. This is the genius, and the legacy, of the Founding Fathers. The Constitution is the  bedrock upon which stands the Rule of Law.

So, if you’re Barack Obama, committed to “fundamentally transforming” the country…what better way to do so than to strike at the foundation of our nation: the Constitution.

The other two branches of the government can restrain an errant Executive.

The Congress can overturn a Presidential veto, and with sufficient cause, impeach and remove the President from office

The courts (ultimately the Supreme Court) can rule a President’s actions unconstitutional.

Congress is at present, unable to accomplish much of anything. The Democrat minority in the Senate is blocking consideration of legislation that Obama opposes, i.e. the very popular Keystone pipeline authorization.

Even if McConnell is able to get enough Democrats to defect, so that the bill can be called up for a vote, Obama will veto, and there are not sufficient votes  in either chamber to override this, or any other veto.

The Courts can rule the President’s actions unconstitutional. Two key pieces of Obama’s agenda…Obamacare, and amnesty, await the courts’ rulings.

But in the wake of the federal judge’s order halting any amnesty proceeding, Obama has already disregarded the court’s decision. No work permits are being issued, but preparing the mechanisms of the federal bureaucracy to do so  continues at full speed. He has, in effect, thumbed his nose at the court.

The ultimate check and balance on a president is of course, impeachment. The Articles of Impeachment are passed by the House by a simple majority vote. The Senate requires a two-thirds vote to convict. The odds that enough votes could be garnered to convict are minuscule at best.

Republican leaders in both chambers have said multiple times, and in the face of several illegal actions by Obama, that “impeachment is off the table.” They’re simply  not going to go there. They fear that the nation, taking direction from the MSM, would blame them for just about everything. They don’t want the stigma of impeaching the first black president.

And from the GP leadership’s narrow perspective, this makes sense. If there is absolutely no way the Senate will ever convict Obama, then why even bother with the whole process, and the inevitable political fallout.

Unfortunately, actions, and the lack of actions, have  consequences. Obama knows now that he can pretty much do anything that he wants, short of shooting Rudy Guiliani on national television during a press conference. ( And no doubt the Democrats would be quick to offer justifiable homicide and/or temporary insanity as as defense.)

There’s a fascinating piece at Hot Air today. A new Rasmussen poll suggests that most Democrats think it’s just fine if…..nay, necessary that Obama IGNORE court rulings if he, and they, think it’s important.

Here’s the link. Do read the whole story…


Frightening, isn’t it. Shows what happens when we stop teaching American history for 50 years.

But if you’re Obama, with less that two years left in the Oval office, increasingly unpopular at home, and dealing with a disastrous foreign policy…..well, what’s a guy to do, to divert attention from everything else, and try and manufacture a legacy?


Get himself impeached.

Push the envelope. Promulgate more executive orders. Heck, delay Obamacare until 2020. Regulate everything that moves. Order reparations for blacks.  The left’s bucket list is endless. JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN…

If the Republicans in the House won’t vote to impeach, then he’s won a lot a transformational changes, and more importantly, he’s significantly weakened the constitutional fabric of our governance.

If the House does the right thing, then it becomes one huge political drama, wrapped around  race…and the  country stands still through 2016. As a bonus, Republicans may be weakened.

Obama can don the “victim of racism” cloak…the first black President, thwarted at every step by the racist Republicans. And Michelle can once again proudly be ashamed for her country.

A schoolyard bully will keep attacking until someone stands up to him.Unless confronted, and checked,  Obama will continue on the same path.

There’s no reason for him not to do so.