Obama is successfully degrading, and will ultimately destroy, Hillary's candidacy

As the Middle East continues to spiral downward into total chaos, it is becoming more and more apparent that the 2016 election will focus on foreign affairs, international relations, and our ongoing wars against AlQeda/ISIS/ISIL/whatever in the region.

And it will soon become more obvious that Obama’s failed policies have effectively doomed Hillary’s chance at winning the White House. Indeed, I believe that the reason for the protracted delay in officially announcing her candidacy is simple: she won’t run if she believes she’s going to lose. Her ego simply could not endure another rejection by the voters..this time the ultimate one.

Look at all that is evil that has gone on in the world these last six months: the beheadings of Americans, the mass murders of Christians, the terrorist attacks in Europe, Russia’s intervention in the Ukraine…the list is endless, and all of it is bad news for America.

And just what has Hillary had to say about any of it?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip.

Just a few innocuous Tweets about this and that, squeezed between highly paid speeches.

There’s nothing she can say. She owns all of it. She was Secretary of State when many of these events occurred, and she helped formulate the policies that are are now blowing up all over the place.

But at some time she’ll have to try and explain all of it: Libya, Benghazi, the Russian “reset,” the Iranian nuke.

What was her role? Either she was instrumental in formulating these policies, or she was merely carrying out Obama’s policy directives, which makes her a lapdog, and thus not qualified to handle  the “3 AM wake-up call.”

Nobody believes that the Middle East is going to get any better in the next 12 months. Sadly, it’s going to deteriorate beyond anything we can now imagine. That’s because Obama lacks the will to take any decisive action. And, in the vacuum he has created in the region, Iran and ISIS will move even more  rapidly to fill it.

So, does Hillary repudiate Obama and his policies?  Will she call for boots on the ground? If she does, it will cost her votes from the true believers who will skip the voting booth in 2016. If she endorses his failing actions, simply put..she’s doomed.

Every feeble and feckless foreign policy move that Obama makes going forward cripples her chances. He is, by his own words and actions, “degrading, and ultimately destroying,” her candidacy.

Hillary Clinton has been running for president since 1992 (back then it was as co-president…”you get two for the price of one” according to Slick). That’s 24 years. That’s not quite as long as Harold Stassen, but it’s getting close.

And now, in addition to the ongoing mess that Obama has created for her, she’ll also have to deal with three other issues:

1. Gowdy’s Benghazi hearings

2. Bill’s trips to Pedophile Island

3. Oh yeah…Obamacare, which she eagerly supported, and which is now blowing up completely.

Lots of people in Democrat power circles have to be thinking the same. Which is why they’re all sitting quietly, keeping their powder dry, and options open. I’ve written before that if one assumes, for instance, that Liz Warren really, REALLY wants to run for the White House, she’s playing it perfectly for now. Why openly challenge someone who may in fact not run?

There is only one thing that Hillary wants more than being President. That is not to lose the presidential election. Obama is doing his best to make sure that she can’t win in 2016.

Hillary has 3-5 months at best to decide for herself. She may yet not want to admit that her candidacy is doomed, and ultimately does declared, but she will lose.

With the campaign focused primarily on foreign, and not domestic issues, whoever is the GOP candidate will present a clear and decisive contrast to Clinton.