MUST READ: "Lucy and Ethel take Foggy Bottom!" (with a bonus video link)

Given the latest inane comments from Marie Harf, Ian Tuttle has a good piece over at National Review, dissecting Harf and Psaki…Lucy and Ethel Take Foggy Bottom.

But it’s the comments..over 1,000 at this point, that are really worth the read…some are hilarious, to wit:

“Psaki and Harf are the only two under the impression that Legally Blonde was a documentary”

“In a room with these two, maybe Obama IS “the smartest person in the room”.

Worth perusing.

While I like the Lucy and Ethel reference, personally I always thought Harf and Psaki reminded me more of The Odd Couple’s “Pigeon Sisters”..especially the nasal intonations.

Here’s the episode. Sit back and enjoy 22 minutes of comedic genius.