Why the idea of a Super Tuesday GOP primary is really dumb. Hint: Open primaries

You’d think that after what happened in the Mississippi Senate race last November, conservatives would have learned a thing or two. Or not.

However, it seems that southern Republicans are eager to step out of the frying pan and into the fire.

There’s growing support among certain southern Republicans for a joint primary in the southern states…a March 1, 2016 super Tuesday..what some are already calling the SEC primary.

The idea is that right after the early states..Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina finish…the south….which overwhelmingly votes Republican in presidential elections, should have a major role in picking the GOP candidate.

A “Super Tuesday” would make sure that the candidates would pay a lot of attention to the region, because whoever would win big that day  would have considerable momentum going forward.

Presently five states: Mississippi,  Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Arkansas, are coordinating to hold their primaries on March 1. They hope/expect that Florida and Texas..the regional heavyweights..will joint the effort.

In theory, it’s a fascinating idea, and could give a conservative candidate a boost to the nomination.  However, there’s one little problem nobody’s addressing:

All of the states except Florida have open primaries. South Carolina, which will vote a few days before, is also an open primary state.

And why, you ask, is this important?

Considering that the Democrat convention will be a coronation for Hillary Clinton..she probably won’t need to debate any opponent, let alone face any primary opposition….the probability  of, shall we say..”electoral mischief” cannot be ignored.

The GOPe demonstrated its ruthless, win-at-any-cost, strategy in the Mississippi senate race last year.  And since they got away with it, of course they’ll try again.

And this time the Democrats will no doubt join the fun, and try to influence the outcome of the GOP primary. It’s easy….all of those Democrat voters, with no primary to engage their interest, can easily be convinced to vote in the GOP primary..

Among southern blacks…you wouldn’t even have to make up flyers accusing anyone of racism…you’d just have to use some of that good ole election day GOTV “walkin’ around” money…here’s $10…now go vote for [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ].

Easy Peasy.

So, the big  question for conservatives is why do we continue to put the horse before the cart? Instead of worrying about a Southern Super Tuesday, we should..especially after  what happened in Mississippi last year…be focused on changing the rules…taking on the GOPe…and reforming our states’ primaries.

Then we can have a real super Tuesday SEC primary