A suggestion for Democrats: Let Hillary Clinton debate Barack Obama. More: "The search for Hillary's campaign theme song

We’re starting to hear that Hillary Clinton, facing no serious opposition for the Democrat nomination, is considering delaying her formal announcement until mid summer. This will undoubtedly give her more time to try and develop a “message” as  well as rack up a few more higher paid speaking gigs.

Jay Cost, in a Weekly Standard piece, examines the shocking possibility that there won’t be ANY Democrat primary debates, for the first time ever. Absent any serious opponent (i.e. Liz Warren) Clinton may well decide not to debate at all (why give your weak opponents any stature?) or hold a few, carefully controlled and scripted, kabuki-like “faux” debates.

We’re also told by the pundits that Obama will in fact be “on the ballot” in 2016. So, since one of Hillary’s main campaign objectives will be to try and distance herself from Obama, the solution to all the Democrat’s problems is obvious.

Hillary Clinton should debate Barack Obama. Again.

Let’s see if Hillary agrees with Obama that “too often slavery and Jim Crow were justified in the name of Christ.”  That should be worth a few rebuttals.

Yes, that pesky little document, the Constitution, says that Obama can’t run for a third term, but there is absolutely nothing in the DNC rules that states that Obama can’t participate in  their presidential primary debates.

The advantages for the Democrats are obvious:

It would garner a HUGE audience. One indeed suspects that Obama, ever the perpetual campaigner, would actually relish it.  And it would give Hillary a chance to avenge the 2008 shellacking he gave her.

There is also a suspicion among some Democrat operatives that the real reason she is delaying the formal start of her campaign is because she has been unable to decide on her official campaign song.

Many here will recall that in 1992, Clinton/Gore  successfully adopted Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow” for the campaign. You heard it at every event. It provided a lot of energy. Clinton even got the band to reunite for his inaugural ball.

..and even Michael Jackson dropped by.

I’m not sure if Hillary ever had a theme song for her 2008 run. If she did, it was eminently forgettable. Therefore, some in her corner are struggling with which tune to choose.

“DSTAT” won’t work…it’ll just remind everyone that she’s been around forever. Throwback/retro works in sports, but not in politics.

Some are holding out for “It’s my turn.” The BIG problem is, which version?

Hillary reportedly favors the  Diana Ross version. Huma thinks it’s far too saccharine, and too dated.

Chelsea wants the Keke Palmer cut.  She feels it appeals to a younger demographic, which Hillary must attract, and also to the black vote, a key Democrat constituency. And the lyrics really do resonate with what Hillary’s feeling:

This time for real,
Tired of playin it safe
Inside I feel I’ve got what it takes
To prove to the world
Who I really can be
I know for sure
There’s no stoppin’ me
No time to wait on the side
Watchin it all pass me by
I’m gonna be in the game
Watch me play it
I’m commin’ with it ya know
Let’s get to start in the show
Turn up the lights hit the stage
No more waitin’
It’s my turn now,
And you know that I’m ready
Its my turn now,
Yeah I’m strong and I’m steady.
Break down the wall,
Gonna go for real.
And some Democrats, fearful that KeKe’s just “a little too edgy” for middle America, want her to “find her groove” by appealing to a kinder,  gentler, time past, but in an up-tempo way, and at the same time, stick the knife into Obama.
Is there anything better that Leslie Gore’s “It’s my party, ( and I’ll cry if I want to..)”
And of course, that  would lock up the LBGT vote for Clinton.