What can we learn from the Brian Williams scandal? Hmmm.. It seems that you don't need a college degree to become a network news anchor.

If Scott Walker continues to climb in the GOP polls, it is as sure as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow that Democrats and the MSM will begin to harp and pound on the fact that Walker lacks a college degree.

Walker left Marquette, in good academic standing about one semester short of a degree. He was married, had young children, and needed to find a job.

The left’s “snark” is about to begin, full tilt.

And we can expect to hear the corollary theme, that if college was “free” for everyone, then folks like Walker wouldn’t have to drop out to work.

There are several ways that Walker can easily handle this “objection” to his qualifications for the White House, especially when asked the question by a “sincere” talking head during a debate:

1. Bill Gates

2. Steve Jobs.

3. Dig out a copy of the 1990 Marquette course guide, and list the courses that he could have taken to complete his degree requirements. I suspect there are some real beauts in the group…after all, colleges today are offering for-credit courses on, among others:  Harry Potter, YouTube, Judge Judy, pornography, and Lady Gaga.

But here’s what I would do, were I Scott Walker:

Remind the questioner that in order to become a successful and respected member of the MSM…to actually become the nightly news anchor of a major network…..the person responsible for delivering the news to millions each day….a college degree, heck..even attending college, ain’t a prerequisite. Consider:

Peter Jennings, long time ABC News anchor, host of many presidential debates,  was a  HIGH SCHOOL ( yes, that’s right…HIGH SCHOOL) dropout. Never set foot on a college campus..not as a student, anyways.

Brian Williams…He who now has egg all over his face for “disremembering his own history”…blaming it on the “fog of memory.” Williams dropped out of college in his first year, then went to work as an intern in the Carter administration.

Walker could ask his interrogator if lack of a degree disqualifies Williams from his position at NVC.

And there’s Tom Brokaw, the face..nay, the conscience of NBC News…and generally considered the most respected broadcaster alive today. Brokaw dropped out of the University of Iowa, admitting that he majored in “beer and coeds.” (Kudos to Browkaw for later completing his degree at the University of South Dakota.)

When I was at college in the 60’s, “work – study” back then meant you worked…often multiple jobs. so you could earn money to attend college and study.

When my two daughters attended college in the 90’s I was surprised to learn that the meaning of”work-study” had drastically changed. It now meant that I was paying about $30k/year so that for a semester or two, they could “intern” at a company or institution in their prospective field, to gain both insight  and valuable work experience. And, best of all, they got credit ..a considerable amount..for this towards their degree.

A quick glance at the Marquette University catalogue online informs that they offer a major in Political Science. Perfect!! Yessir!!

Even better, we’re told that you “can study government where it happens.” Indeed, you can  (from the catalogue):

“Live, learn and work for a semester in the nation’s capital at Marquette’s Les Aspin Center for Government, located four blocks from the Capitol. Or learn about politics in Milwaukee by working in a representatives’ local office, joining a campaign or working in the city or county government.”

And even earn college credits as a bonus!!!!

Sure sounds like Scott has accumulated more than enough “work-study” credits ( little things like being mayor, governor) to have earned way  more than the 18 credits needed for graduation.

Time for Marquette to step up and do the right thing.