Contemplating the unimaginable: that ISIS cannot be defeated

We’ve heard repeatedly these last few days that we can’t hope to defeat an enemy if we can’t even identify our foe by the right name: Radical Islamist terrorism.

That’s the least of our problems. It’s necessary for us to contemplate the very real possibility that ISIS/ISIL/AlQeda (or whatever the “nom de jour” is) cannot be beaten.

Before I defend my thesis, let’s examine the lessons we can learn from history. In WW II, we confronted two two evil, ruthless regimes: Germany and Japan.The post war years were the two most successful examples ever of “nation building,” in that with our help and guidance, two democratic nations were established.

But we tend today to overlook the price, and the means, by which we accomplished that wondrous outcome.

There are some 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today. We’re told ad nauseam that Islam is “the religion of peace,” and that most Muslims are “good” Muslims.

OK, then. Let’s assume that only 10% of Muslims are “bad Muslims.” That’s 160 million who want us all dead. And most of these are more than willing to kill themselves to accomplish their objective. Indeed, they “rejoice”  at the prospect..

At the start of WW II, the combined populations of Germany and Japan was 150 million.A far smaller number of these were willing to commit suicide.

Gen Patton said that “the object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other guy die for his.” 

Radical Muslims have altered that perspective. They now command armies more than willing to die for Allah and the caliphate, if only they can take some of us along with them.

The equation is not skewed in our favor.

And about all those supposedly “good Muslims,” and the need to win the hearts and minds of the people.

That is pure, absolute, unadulterated 100% bullshit.

Germany and Japan were subjected to years  of devastating, and totally unrestricted bombing raids. Hundreds of thousands of presumably innocent civilians were killed. Whole cities were destroyed.

And yet, civilian morale was hardly impacted.

“Operation Downfall” was the code name for the planned US invasion of Japan. Casualty estimates ranged from 100,000 – 250,000 American dead.  Those projections were influential in Truman’s decision to use the atomic bomb . And yet today there are some people on the planet who say that decision was wrong.

If a German sniper perched in a church steeple,  fired on an American patrol clearing a neighborhood; the church, and most surrounding buildings, was immediately taken under fire by US tanks, and demolished, with NO concern for civilian casualties whatsoever.

During the march to Baghdad, US columns were fired on, by terrorists armed with RPGs, and positioned in the minarets of mosques. Our troops were not allowed to return fire. Instead, they took videos.

When I was at Quantico in 1968,there were several senior NCOs present..lifers, on their last tour. They’d fought in the Pacific, and Korea, some also in Nam early on. They’d been at the Canal, and Iwo, and  the Chosin. They talked, we listened.

And I can tell you that  99.9% of the American people have absolutely ZERO idea…no comprehension whatsoever,  of what that war was like: the total blind fanaticism of the enemy, and  what the Marines had to do, and the cost they paid, to win.

We lost Vietnam when the horrors of war appeared nightly on our TV sets. Americans simply weren’t willing to pay the price, to accept what must be done ..to defeat the enemy.

If the battle for Iwo Jima had been televised like Tet;  if the images of the  6,821 US troops killed on Iwo, and the 19,217 wounded on that hellhole, had been broadcast 24/7, like the Iraq war, then likely the American public would have demanded that we withdraw.

It’s bad enough that we can’t even call our enemy what it is: radical Islamic terror. Today, more people seemed to be upset with FOX News for showing the video of the Jordanian pilot being burned alive, than are with the video itself.


We’re told over and over by our leaders that there is a “strong probability” of another 9/11 type attack against the Homeland. I agree. Most Americans do. However, I defy you to find any idea, let alone a consensus, of what our leaders would do if such an attack occurred tomorrow. It’s even worse that we don’t have a clearly defined objective, a goal.

In WW II, it was simple: absolute, unconditional victory. We would accept nothing less, especially so after Pearl Harbor.

What then I would ask, is our objective in the “War on Terror?”

Which is why we cannot, we must not… send any more troops into the Middle East, be it Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, or any other nation/sewer.

Our troops are best, and they would do whatever mission they were given.  They’d kill bad guys, destroy strongholds, but to what end? Our leaders haven’t told us. And at what cost? How many lives, how many maimed bodies? And what about our treasure? Our resources are vast, but not infinite.

To  those Republicans who say they are willing to consider  putting “boots on the ground,” I say NO!….not until you can tell me clearly and decisively what is our objective our goal, and that you are willing to commit everything to accomplish it, and won’t chicken out when the going gets difficult, as is inevitable.

Obama’s legacy is already written. He is responsible for everything  that has happened in the Middle East, beginning with the day he went to Cairo, and spoke to the Muslim Brotherhood, on the first leg of his “apology tour.” We had won in Iraq, AlQeda was beaten…we have the intercepts of their communications where they admit it.

Instead, Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq…then the “junior varsity”  went into the game, and AlQeda begat ISIS/ISIL, and the entire region blew up in his face……while he played more than 200 rounds of golf, and took several dozen vacations.

In WW II, we knew we faced the Nazis. That was the enemy that had to be obliterated…..along with the fanatical militarist mob ruling Japan.

The middle East today is about the perpetual battle between Sunni and Shi’a. There are no nations..they are just lines in the sand arbitrarily draw a century or more ago. There are, however, tribes, and sects, and clans.

Everything that happens in the Middle East is due to the mullahs running Iran. They call all the shots. Obama has shown that he is going to let them produce enough nuclear material for an atomic weapon. He talks tough, but in the end,  he will acquiesce.

Should Bibi lose the election next month, then Israel is fated to experience a nuclear detonation inside their borders. If Bibi wins, then an Israeli strike against Iran is inevitable.

The only question is: will Iran complete the bomb before Obama leaves office. The mullahs are no doubt  convinced that Obama will not retaliate in the event of an attack on Israel. Bibi likely believes the same, and is hoping for a new administration far more favorable to Israel’s cause.

So, what are we to do?

Ultimately, it is up to the so-called “good Muslims” to lead the way, to protect their faith, their countries, and  their own lives. If they are not willing to do so, there is absolutely nothing we can do.

We cannot win a war against radical Islam unless the rest of the Muslim world is willing to fight, and die, to defend and protect what they all profess to love above all else: Allah, the Prophet, and the Koran. If they are willing to do so, with our help and support, then the war can be won.

It will be horrible, brutal, and shocking, but it can be won. It will end.

It is frightening to contemplate that we are in a war  that at present we cannot win.

But it is far more dangerous to ignore that possibility, for it means that we refuse to contemplate the likelihood of a world forever different from what we desire.