How to absolutely convince Democrats to immediately become 100% pro-life

Politicians of all stripes can do one thing exceedingly  well: count ( as in votes). And, with an Ivory soap-like consistency, they will vote in their self-interest 99 44/100% of the time.

But for those of us who champion the unborn, and who mourn the tens of millions whose lives have been snuffed out, and who are committed to doing everything in our power to save the lives of millions more in the future, we are overlooking the one argument that just might immediately convince the majority of Democrats and liberals to become pro-life:

It is in their best interests to do so.

I do not mean this in the spiritual sense. Yes, it is true that their souls (and yes, I believe that Democrats have souls, thought admittedly that belief is often sorely tested) will be far better served for embracing the doctrine of “life.”

But  for the Democrat/liberal mindset, that is not the reason why they would become pro-life.

As Benjamin Braddock was told in “The Graduate” that the future lies in “plastics,” for Democrats, their future lies in “statistics.”

First, a few important facts.

But let me state for the record that I am not a statistician, nor a demographer. I have never even stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. My only interests in numbers pertains to baseball sabremetrics , my blood pressure and cholesterol , and my 401(k) statement. I will leave it to others to further develop and refine my theoretical model.

Some 55 million abortions have been performed in the US since Justice Douglas, writing for the majority in Roe v. Wade,  extracted “penumbras and emanations”  from his rectum.

That was some two generations ago. It is likely that had all these babies lived, they would have produced AT LEAST another 50 million offspring, including their children’s children, and the number might well approach 125 million.

Thus, since 1973, we would easily have seen at least another 100 million lives born in the United States.

There have been many studies which show that children’s voting habits are influenced by their parents. A 2005 Gallup survey  showed that 21% of teens say they are “more liberal” than their parents ( for which we can no doubt thank America’s colleges and universities) while only 7% say they are “more conservative.” Seven in ten (71%) say their “social and political ideology is about the same as mom and dad’s.”

Broadly speaking, since the 1970’s those categorized as “social conservatives” have overwhelmingly voted Republican.

It is reasonable to infer that a predominant majority of women who had abortions since Roe were more liberal, and  thus far more inclined to vote Democrat.

For purposes of this discussion, let’s assume that 75% were in this category.

A simple extrapolation of the available data then suggests that since 1973, approximately 80 MILLION potential/likely Democrat voters have been aborted.

Democrats remind us ad nauseam that Gore lost Florida, and the Presidency, by a mere 537 votes.

It is obvious that, absent Roe, there would easily have been an additional 537 votes for Gore in Florida in 2000.

The Democrat party has been captured by a small, but truly evil segment…the Planned Parenthood/NARAL/Emily’s List cabal..those who want abortion on demand, at any time in the pregnancy..including the horrific partial birth procedure, and at any age of the expectant mother..including very young girls..without parental notification.

This cabal has been successful to date because of their organizational and fund-raising abilities…they ensure that only candidates who adhere to their views make it through the Democrat primaries.

The nation overwhelmingly,  and a majority of Democrats, support the bill banning abortion after 20 weeks, yet elected Democrats will not vote for it because they perceive it as not in their self- interest to do so…such is the influence of the abortion advocates inside the party.

But if we can convince the majority of Democrats that to continue to support abortion on demand is in fact costing them votes, elections, and is a path to self-extinction, then they will readily support ending abortion.

Yes, they will do so for all the wrong reasons, but for the tens of millions yet to be born whose lives will now be saved, that is a distinction without a difference.