Will Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, and Chuckie Schumer, support, or oppose, Obama on Iran sanctions? And whither Hillary?

Gotta give Bob Menendez a big hat tip.  Out of deference for his principled comments, I will resist the obvious “even a stopped clock is right twice a day” reference.  The ranking member of the Foreign Relations committee called out Obama’s stooges yesterday, saying that “the administration’s comments on sanctions sound like talking points straight from Tehran.”

OUCH!!! That’s gotta smart. Tough talk, and from a Democrat to boot. And far more on point than any words uttered by a Republican.

It appears a Senate  bill to enact strong sanctions against the crazies in Iran will pass with strong bipartisan support, and may be very close to enough votes to overturn an Obama veto.

Were that to occur, it sends a clear signal that congressional Democrats now view Obama as inconsequential. He’s not running again, but they all are, except for those who have already announced their retirement.

Along with Boehner’s brilliant move to invite Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress early  next month, Iran has the potential to cause big problems not only for Obama, but for several key Democrats: Reid, Durbin, Schumer, and, oh yeah…let’s not forget the “big kahunaness” herself, Hillary.

Reid, if he doesn’t retire, may face pressure not to continue as minority leader. If he votes to support Obama, it will hurt him in 2016. Schumer and Durbin are the two likely candidates to replace Reid. Will they kowtow to Obama, and oppose the Senate resolution? Schumer especially has a large Jewish constituency to deal with, and how he votes will cause  him problems either way.

Will Reid whip the vote on the Senate resolution…will Schumer and Durbin concur, or will the Democrat leadership allow a vote of consciousness for the caucus; which in effect tells Obama to shove it.  If they do, I suspect a majority of Democrats will vote for the  resolution to increase sanctions, and the total vote will be way above the 67 needed to overturn a veto.

It’s interesting to note that NINE senators, ALL Democrats, are Jewish: Blumenthal, Boxer, Cardin,Feinstein, Franken,  Sanders, Schatz, Schumer, and Wyden.

Forget Sanders. If the other eight, plus Menendez and Manchin, vote with the GOP, that’s 64. The other three can be plucked from  among Bennet, Murphy, Nelson,  Donnelly, King, McCaskill, Gillibrand, Heitkamp, Casey, and Warner.

Then there’s Bibi dropping by for a friendly visit. Chuckie will want several photo ops, and likely a private chat with the Israeli PM. After all, gotta maintain the creds. And then turn around and vote AGAINST sanctions? I can’t see it.

As the Democrat party heads further hard left, the pro-Palestinian, and anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic segments of the Democrat constituency are becoming more dominant, and several key Democrats will face uncomfortable choices.

And what about Hillary? What pronouncements, if any, will spring forth from the Oracle of Chappaqua? Does she support the increased sanctions, or not? It’s a simple, yes or no question, and I don’t think she will be able to duck it. Most of the MSM is in the tank for her, but someone ( Jonathan Karl, are you listening?) should  be able to force an answer, and this time, “What difference does it make?” won’t cut the mustard.

Hillary’s problem is that if she backs Obama, and there is in fact another terrorist attack(s) against the homeland in the next two years,  then she can forget all about the White House.

I think Obama’s painted  himself into a corner, badly, and doesn’t realize it as yet.

There’s a good chance the Senate bill will pass with more than 67+ votes, making a veto superfluous.

But Obama might decide to veto anyway, citing “executive orders.”

Or instead of a signing memorandum, we might have the first ever “vetoing memorandum.”

The Senate’s gonna be fun to watch the next few weeks, especially the Democrat caucus.

One more thing. Breaking ranks the first time is always the hardest thing  to do. After that, it gets easier and easier. It’s no big deal.