Forget about letting Turkey into the EU; Turkey must be expelled from NATO

Turkish president Erdogan must have a Jewish ancestor somewhere. Otherwise, how else could one explain Turkey’s over-the-top display of chutzpah in recent days.

Europe comes together, in a near spontaneous outpouring of revulsion against the terrorist attack by Islamic radicals in Paris, and what does Erdogan do?

1. He sends his Prime Minister to Paris to march in the demonstration, yet he accuses the “West” of being behind the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

2. He blasts Netanyahu for “daring” to attend the Paris rally.

3.While the free world marvels at the millions of copies of Charlie Hebdo that were sold this week, Erdogan sends his police to confiscate them inside Turkey, and arrest those vendors who were selling them.

4. Oh yeah, the wife of one of the dead terrorists flew to Istanbul before escaping into Syria.

Turkey is a member of NATO. The charter requires member to support each other and come to their aid in wartime. This provision was invoked for the first and only time after 9/11/2001. Yet, not long after, Turkey refused to allow the US to invade Iraq from the north, staging out of  the US base at Incirlik.

Had Saddam been forced to confront a two pronged assault, he would not have been able to concentrate his forces in the south, and the US drive to Bagdad would have meet less resistance, and less casualties.

Since taking power, Erdogan is aggressively moving to remake Turkey from a secular nation to a radical Islamic republic.  The Turkish army ,which had long been the guarantor of democracy, has been purged and corrupted. There have been dramatic crackdowns on opposition groups. Turkey is no longer a democracy.

The NATO charter states, in part, that the  member states  are determined to safeguard the freedom, common heritage and civilization of their peoples, founded on the principles of democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law.

We have less than two years left under Obama, and his total failure to name, let alone recognized, the nature of the enemy we face.

The tragic events in Paris may finally awaken Europe to the dangers the continent faces from Muslim immigration. Listening to French PM Hollande, speaking aboard the aircraft carrier Charles deGaulle, which is being sent to the eastern Mediterranean to increase the air campaign in Syria, one might have thought he was listening to George W. Bush at ground zero, a few days after 9/11.

If the EU doesn’t tell Turkey take its application for membership and go pound sand, if they are that stupid, then Europe is indeed lost.

Our next president, whichever Republican wins the Oval Office, along with a GOP controlled Congress, must to everything possible to expel Turkey from NATO.  And if the members of NATO refuse to go along with us, then the US should depart NATO, and form a new alliance of nations committed to the cause of freedom and self-defense.

NATO is all but  worthless anyways. It is a huge bloated bureaucracy. And if it collapses, if Europe is hell-bent on committing suicide, then that massive NATO complex in Brussels, well,  it will make an excellent housing complex for thousands more Muslim immigrants.