Boehner and McConnell should have been marching in Paris today

Just back from Mass, and I’m watching the  millions assembled in Paris protesting against radical Islam, and yes, some are actually daring to publicly call it exactly what it is.

Heads of state from all over the world, including Netanyahu, and the King and Queen of Jordan (and they have to be especially nervous) are in the forefront.

And from the US,somewhere in the crowd, is Eric Holder. Where’s Biden? Isn’t the main job  of the VP, aside from being ready to assume the Presidency, to attend funerals and events that the President can’t, or won’t, deign to attend?

It’s obvious why Obama didn’t go. It would strain credibility to describe the attacks in Paris as “workplace violence.” So Barry takes a pass, and maybe Biden refused to go. And Kerry….he who speaks French? “Il n’est pas ici en Paris”

But I can’t help wondering, as I watch this, if Boehner and McConnell didn’t miss a golden opportunity. Imagine of they had been there,  with the rest of the world, leading a delegation of Republican senators and representatives. And they could have taken along a few of the governors considering running for the White House in 2016.

We’ve been hearing, since the election,  that congressional Republicans feel they must show the American people that they can govern.

Here was a golden opportunity to show the American people, and the world that they are ready to lead, especially when Obama will not do so.

Apparently, it never occurred to anyone in the Republican party. Too bad. They blew it.