Podesta: Clinton to draw differences with Obama IF she runs: "I pee sitting down, he pees standing up"

Sort of a weird story on Reuters:“Podesta: Clinton to draw differences with Obama if she runs”

John Podesta, long-time Clintonista, and now an adviser to Obama (though he’s leaving next month) is expected to head up Clinton’s WH campaign if and when she decides to enter the race.

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. Obama snatched the nomination from Hillary in 2008, and everything he’s doing now seems designed to make it impossible for ANY Democrat to win the White House in 2016.

So, after serving as Obama’s SecState for 4 years, and having Bill do everything possible to get Obama re-elected in 2012, what possible differences could Hillary have with Obama, to try and convince the country that they won’t be voting for a third Obama term?

It ain’t easy being Podesta, he obviously has a very difficult task ahead of him, but in the new spirit of bipartisanship that fills Washington for a few days every other January, let’s try and help John develop a few talking points for Hillary:

1. “He pees standing up, I sit down.”

2.  “I don’t golf.”

3. “I don’t play basketball, and have never filled out a bracket in my life.”

4. ” I’ve never admitted to smoking weed.”

5.  “He sleeps with a woman, I don’t”

6. “I have a grandchild.”

7.” He’s too thin.”

8. “MY healthcare plan never made it into law.”

9. “My spouse was impeached.”

10. “No one in Obama’s White House ever committed suicide”

11. He’s left handed.