Taking the "measure" of Obama: 208, 24, 20

As we near the end of Obama’s 6th year in office, we can take the measure of the man by looking at three numbers. Though they are in fact disparate, when viewed in context, they provide a true insight into his soul, or rather, a lack of:

208: The number of times Obama has played golf. Does he get a mulligan for the times his game was so rudely interrupted by ISIS beheading an innocent American, or two NYPD officers getting assassinated by a hate-inspired  lunatic?

24: The number of vacations Obama has taken. This does NOT include some 35 trips to Camp David, totaling over 100 days.

20: The number of times Obama has attended church  since taking office.

That sort of sums it up rather well.

****Note:  All data is from best available sources, though the actual numbers may be off by one or two in each case.

Mark Twain is widely credited with the observation that “There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damn lies, and statistics.”

Obama has proven to be a virtuoso at lying, and the statistics as to what are his true “priorities” do give us the measure of the man.