Obama, executive orders....excuse me..."unsigned" memoranda, and razor blades

Those of us of a certain age recall that once upon a time shaving was almost always accomplished with a Gillette safety razor, using double edged blades. (Though for a while, Schick was the choice of conservatives….as they advertised in “National Review.”) In those antediluvian times, before ATRAs and other disposables, regardless of which brand you chose, you were faced with the problem of what to do with those used, yet still very sharp and dangerous, blades.

And you’ll also remember that back then, most every medicine cabinet had a small slot in the back, into which you simply inserted the old blade. Think of it as piggy bank for razor blades. The blade fell to the floor, inside the wall, to remain there for decades. As a young child, we lived on the 6th floor of an old apartment building in the Bronx (and yes, it was a walk-up) and watching my father pop the old blade  into the slot, I’d imagine them falling all the way down to the basement.

In the 60’s Norelco developed the electric razor, and in one of the more creative commercials, explored the question  of what happens when the “tipping point” is finally reached, when the last blade inserted proves too much to bear, and the entire edifice collapses.

As Obama merrily shreds the Constitution in the last two years of his administration, he will continue to do great damage to our nation. But it is also inevitable that he will screw it up, go “A Blade ( or a Bridge) Too Far” and that it will blow up in his face.

Chuckie Schumer just reminded us that the Democrats screwed the pooch big time by pushing Obamacare as their first major policy initiative. Liberals are nothing if not consistent: convinced they are “in the right”, they never learn from their mistakes.

I have no idea what “it” will turn out to be, but be assured, it’s going to happen. As sure as the sun rises in the east, he’s going to mess up badly. And it will hopefully lead to a conservative Republican in the White House in 2016, and strong conservative leadership in the Congress.