Is Kwanzaa kaput?

Hanukkah starts tomorrow, and Christmas is ten days away. But as I was out and about this past weekend doing some holiday shopping, I suddenly realized..whoa…there’s no Kwanzaa anymore. It’s like…gone…

I looked…

No signs anywhere. In any stores.. I mean, I couldn’t even find a “Happy Kwanzaa” card at WalMart ( and they’re out even out of stock  at WalMart.com….and they have EVERYTHING)

Plug “KWANZAA” into Amazon’s SEARCH, and you get only a few pages..with most  selling for a few pennies.

Google KWANZAA and you get 7 million results, which in Googleland is the equivalent of non-existent.  ([mc_name name=’Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’W000817′ ] gets 132 million)

I actually stepped into an American Eagle” and asked the young, hip, clerk, what they had for Kwanzaa. “Say what, dude?” was the reply…possibly in an homage to Tommy Vietor?)

TV and Radio stations have holiday messages. The politically correct ones say “Wishing you all the joys of the season,” or “Happy Holidays!” The brave ones still say “Merry Christmas” or Happy Hanukkah!”..

But I have yet to see or hear a Kwanzaa quote.

So, could it be that this contrived “holiday” has seen its shelf life come and go, the “use by” date having expired?

The left’s true faith is its “devout” anti-religiosity. But they recognized long ago that the masses need something. So they perpetuated their own myths.

Global warming became an article of faiths, and “deniers” were  deemed apostate, and beneath contempt. But it appears the catechism of the vanishing polar bears, along with the sea ice, isn’t holding water.

And now the campus rape saga apparently isn’t  quite the pandemic we’ve been told…that 1 in 5 coeds do not suffer a sexual attack of some sort while in college.. it’s more like 1 in a thousand.( which  statistic of course should not  in any way diminish the problem of sexual assault)

Anyone remember that other story they were peddling a while back..that more women were abused on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year? That turned out to be a valid as the urban legend that  on Super Bowl Sunday the water levels in reservoirs dropped noticeably at halftime,  as some 150 million Americans flushed simultaneously.

And now we have the Messiah, the anointed one..Barack Obama himself..the one and only, who would “stop the seas from rising” and “begin to heal the planet”

Talk about false gods.

See, while many on the left might have sincerely believed in global warming, or an epidemic of campus rape, or even the promise that once was Obama, everyone, I mean EVERYONE, knew that Kwanzaa was a crock of crapola…a fairy tale, a get -rich quick scam dreamed up by a smooth talking con artist and criminal.

Even Al Sharpton today ignores Kwanzaa..and if you’ve lost the Rev, well…..

But they wouldn’t, or couldn’t, say so..

The left’s myths are disappearing…fading away one by one as they are proven to be false..Kwanzaa, global warming, the campus rape epidemic, Obama as Messiah…..and could there be one more shoe to drop, one more dream to dissolve:

“The Inevitability of Hillary?”


Totally unrelated to the above…but expressly for your enjoyment on the holidays) 

Decades ago, when the NY Times was actually worth reading ( heck, even Rush Limbaugh did a TV commercial for it) they had a humor columnist named Russell Baker. An incredibly funny man, with a droll, wry, sense of humor, I looked forward to his columns.

This piece, A Fruitcake Is Forever, is more than 30 years old, and a classic. Enjoy!