Hillary's REALLY big problem: Who to pick for her running mate? ( Hint: a surprise choice!!)

The HIT (Hillary Inevitabilily Tour) proceeds anew.

Sometime in the next few months she’ll announce formally that she is running for the  White House. I think there’s now about a 20% chance that she won’t run.

And despite multiple attempts by the MSM to paint the Clinton Restoration as a done deal, a foregone conclusion, ( and with apologies to Red Stater Myra Adams…) she’s not going to have an easy path to the Oval office. I think she loses..but that’s a topic for another diary.

But Hillary does have one problem that the staff is probably already fiercely brainstorming: who to choose as her running mate?

And Hillary’s candidacy, while breaking the glass-ceiling, also poses special problems in that regard.

First, there’s her age, and possible health concerns. That means that her VP statistically is far more likely to have to assume the Presidency than would have, say, a [mc_name name=’Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’R000570′ ]. Reagan’s age was raised by the Democrats in 1980, and choosing GWH Bush as his VP put those concerns to rest.

Two years on the campaign will age, and tire Hillary  noticeably. It will be a factor. And if Hillary were to be laid up in the White House, Bill won’t be able to channel Edith Wilson, and secretly run the country. Though no doubt  he’d  give it a shot.

So that limits her VP choices to a large extent.  It probably rules out both the Castro brothers, as well as Bill de Blasio and Rahm Emanuel..neither of whom has shown they can run a city, let alone a country.

Because Democrats are all about block identity politics…let’s look at the three key Democrat constituencies: women, blacks, and Latinos. Were there a suitable “twofer,” that person would already be a lock…but alas, no such liberal Democrat  exists.

Probably the strongest choice for Hillary’s VP would be [mc_name name=’Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’W000817′ ]. The base would view it as positioning Warren for 2024 ( possible even 2020??) and that would  instantly solve the enthusiasm factor Hillary lacks among the base. Warren on the campaign trail would be the Democrat’s consummate wet dream ( is that appropriate to say about an all women ticket?) The base would be MOTIVATED!!! The $$$$$ would pour in.

For Warren, it’s perfect..if Hillary loses…it’s not  Liz’ fault..she stays in the Senate, and instantly becomes the odds-on favorite for the 2020 nomination.

Would the country be ready for an all female ticket?  Especially one composed of two screeching left-wing harridans? I don’t think so. The late night comics and SNL would have a field day.

Let’s turn then to blacks and Latinos. Actually, let’s not. There is not one who has the stature…..the (dare I say it) “gravitas” to be perceived as a viable president-in-waiting.

To be serous for a moment…this shows the incredible weakness of the Democrat bench, and why the party has severe problems in the future.

So we are reduced to contemplated the universe of  Democrat “tired old white guys.”

Many, like Ed Rendell and Howard Dean, don’t make the cut because of their age. Same holds true for Biden… ( I know,  you’re laughing…) Bernie Sanders ( more laughing)….and yes…..YES!!! Al Gore (peals of laughter).

Clinton/Gore 2016 would be the most environmentally sound ticket EVER…All those old campaign signs/bumper stickers could be repurposed…(or is that an oxymoron?)

Andrew Cuomo adds NOTHING to the ticket…and his ethical problems would be a drag. Actually, I mention Cuomo here only  because if Democrats truly believed that he could help her win the election (possibly by appealing to the “whiny Italian” demographic) it would be, well, fascinating to watch them try and circumvent that nasty little XII amendment problem. Or, being Democrats..it wouldn’t be that big a deal…the Constitution???? .. pshaw…a mere trifle.

Hickenlooper? because the Dems would need Colorado? If that’s the case, they’ve got far bigger problems…..and he’d probably end up costing them the state…

Warner? Possibly..until last month’s election…he just squeaked by, and if the NRSC had a brain, Gillespie would have won. ..Warner, see..he’s got that little problem of that 97% always voting with Obama…and yes..boys and girls, Obama WILL again be on the ballot if Hillary is the nominee.

Russ Feingold? A reach..but he’s the closest thing the Dems have to a male version of Liz Warren. Is that enough? Nope.

John Gruber? Someone will suggest  it. A Democrat who actually “tells the truth.” How novel.

John Stewart? If they absolutely, positively  need to get the youth vote out again, he will get some consideration.

Jim Webb. Now we’re getting somewhere. One problem. He can’t stand Hillary…he’s been one of her harshest critics..But still, there’s that old “strange bedfellows” thingee in politics…so “never say never..”

In conclusion, what we have scientifically determined..nay PROVEN here incontrovertibly..like global warming….  is that there is NOBODY suitable to be Hillary’s running mate in 2016.

There is thus only one possible option.

And therefore, it is obvious that the 2016 Democrat vice-presidential candidate will be: