Veterans Day open thread

Today is Veterans Day.  It is celebrated on November 11th, to commemorate the end of WW I. The holiday has changed greatly over the years. Now, there is nary a parade, and the paper poppies are hardly ever seen any more.

Yet America does have a new found appreciation, and respect for its Veterans, especially those of the wars in the Middle East. This is a very good thing.

I live in the Tampa Bay area, which has a very heavy military presence centered around MacDill AFB. Happily, here it’s Veteran’s Day year round. Troops are always around,  out and about, intermingling with civilians, and for the last decade BDUs have been as commonplace as flip-flops.

It’s commonplace to see diners in a restaurant arranging to pay the tab..usually on the QT, for someone in uniform.

So consider this a somewhat “lighter” Veterans Day thread…do feel free to comment….