A question for Dem senators: Why must Obama get congressional approval for 1,500 more troops to Iraq, but it's OK for him to amnesty millions by executive order?

Friday afternoon, when Washington was still digesting the shellacking the Democrats had received on Tuesday, came word that Obama was sending 1,500 more troops to Iraq.

It’s obvious why he is doing this. The news from Iraq is bad, and getting worse. Obama was told months ago by his generals that about 10,000 more troops were needed to stabilize the situation. He refused to send them, and has since been incrementally adding a few hundred at a time.

Obama is terrified that Iraq will fall to ISIL. Were that to happen, his administration and his legacy would be exposed as total, complete, utter, miserable failures. The consummate narcissist, his ego is now reflexively shaping US policy.

Senate Democrats..those that remain, are now far more liberal, and by their political DNA, opposed to any increase of US forces..the “boots on the ground,” in Iraq.

Every member of the Senate Democrat caucus who was in office when Bush acted against Saddam was incessant in their criticism of the war effort; indeed, it was the centerpiece, the “raison d’etre” of Obama’s campaign.

Sen Chris Murphy (D-CT) was first out of the gate, on CNN Sunday, saying “I do not think the president has the ability under current authority to authorize 1,500 troops without Congress acting.”

Look for more Democrat senators to pile on in the coming days. They are already thinking about 2016, and the Democrat base’s virulent anti-war ethos. Indeed, this poses a big problem for Hillary. If she supports Obama’s move,she all but invites a primary challenger from the left. And she won’t be able to duck the question.

But the GOP now has a superb tactical opportunity. It’s really a simple question to ask of every Democrat in Congress:

Why do you believe that Obama must come to Congress for authorization to deploy 1,500 more troops to Iraq, yet you believe he can, all by himself, grant amnesty to millions of illegals without Congressional approval?