Three obvious, and effective strategies the GOP can use to oppose Obama's executive orders on amnesty

Obama made it clear at his press conference Wednesday, the day after he received his “ass-whupping” from the voters, that he intends to proceed with his plan to circumvent the Constitution and amnesty millions of illegals.

But not until sometime in December.

Could it be he won’t issue the EO until after December 6th, which coincidentally just happens to be the date of the Louisiana senate runoff election?

But enough of such cynicism.

When Obama does get around to promulgating his Executive Order, there are three strategies available to the GOP, and they must act immediately.

First, a little background context:

Polls have shown  that the American people overwhelmingly oppose amnesty. Indeed, look at the results in Oregon…..deep blue Oregon..where 67% OPPOSED  a measure that would have given driver ID cards to people who can’t prove their legal residency. Gov. Kitzhaber had signed the law approving the ID cards last year, and Oregonians effectively told him on Tuesday where he could stick it.

That is a staggering result, especially so since groups in favor of the measure were highly organized and spent millions, whereas the opposition forces had meager resources.

The GOP has three strategies to counter Obama’s EO; one legislative, one judicial, and one political.

Congress may attempt to overturn an executive order by passing legislation that opposes the order. The president can veto the bill, and Congress would need to override the veto.

Immediately after the EO is issued, during the lame duck session, the House must pass a bill opposing the EO. This will have the added effect of putting pressure on some House Democrats. Do they want to lash themselves to the mast of Obama’s sinking ship?

The bill now goes to the Senate. Will Reid kill it?  Of course, but that’s to be expected. It will reinforce the point of how broken the Senate is, how dictatorial Reid has been, and it will frankly, aggravate several Democrat senators enough that the movement to oust Reid  as leader might take off. He would be giving them  good reason to oppose him.

So the bill dies, and Republicans immediately reintroduce it in the new Congress. It passes the House overwhelmingly, and now goes to the Senate, where McConnell calls it to the floor. Every GOP senator will support the bill, and now Democrats have to go on the record.  Several will vote with the Republicans, and there is an outside chance that enough would do so to sustain a veto. They can do so on the grounds that they believe the President lacks the authority to act unilaterally. Opposition can be expressed on Constitutional grounds.

It will put pressure on some Senate Democrats, and also considerable stress on the Democrat caucus and leadership. Not to mention that it will cause key components of the Democrat coalition to go absolutely bat s**t.

Anything we can to to distress and disrupt the opposition is a good thing.

The Supreme Court can declare an Executive Order to be unconstitutional.

Obviously, Congress has standing in this matter. So the House must petition the Court for an expedited hearing. I can’t see the conservatives on the Court ducking this issue. There is ample precedent.

On April 9, 1952, Harry Truman, hours before a nationwide strike was scheduled to start, nationalized the United States steel industry. On June 2nd (less than two months later) the Supreme Court ruled that Truman lacked the authority for his action.

Which brings us to the political sphere.

Now the key thing  to realize about Executive Orders is that they can be immediately cancelled by the next president.

Indeed, Obama, as soon as he was inaugurated, made a point of publicly reversing many policies and orders issued by George Bush.

The Republicans have a baker’s dozen of potential candidates for the 2016 nomination. They are beginning to organize, to posture, to stake out positions.They will all soon be forced to publicly announce if they are in, or not.

And  if and when they announce that they are running, they must be made to declare that if elected, they will immediately cancel and reverse Obama’s Executive Order on amnesty.

It’s simple, no ifs, ands, or buts. Either you will do so, or you won’t. No equivocating.

This immediately makes it clear that the Executive order WILL NOT STAND. It denies it the sense of inevitability.

The vast majority of the county  is opposed to amnesty, so let’s make the race about it. Let’s define the issue.