What do Barack Obama and Sammy Davis, Jr have in common, and how does it impact Hillary?

The great Frank Sinatra  headlined at the  old Sands Hotel in Las Vegas for many years, during the heyday  of the “Rat Pack.” In 1966, “Sinatra at the Sands,” a LIVE recording was released. It is, simply put, superb. If you’ve never heard it, and enjoy the old standards, you’re in for a rare treat.

One of the tracks is a twelve minute monologue by “Old Blue Eyes.” What is most fascinating is that they are without a doubt the most politically incorrect comments ever recorded by a major star.

Think Mel Gibson x 10.

Sinatra takes shots at everybody and everything…comments that today would get you either fired, suspended, or boycotted. Listening to it, one can’t help be dumbfounded at how much we have allowed the self-appointed PC police to run our lives.

But back to Sinatra. There’s one line in the monologue that is my favorite:

“Sammy Davis, Jr, just wrote his autobiography, ‘Yes, I Can.’ I read it, and sent him a telegram: NO YOU CAN’T!”

And that may well be fitting as Barack Obama’s epitaph: NO YOU CAN’T

Obama’s presidency will deserve the soubriquet Democrats gave Bush for years: “miserable failure.” Indeed, they used it so often that if  aliens had landed on EARTH in 2007, they would have naturally assumed that “miserable failure” was George  Bush’s middle names.

Obama’s policies have all failed, and miserably so. Gertrude Stein might well have been describing a future Obama presidency when she wrote that  “There’s no there, there.”

And now, as we turn to the 2016 presidential election, the conventional wisdom is that Hillary Clinton will have to walk a fine line to separate herself from Obama’s policies.

True, but that is by no means Hillary’s major concern.

Obama has demonstrated that not only does “big government” NOT work, but more often than not, it fails, and it screws things up royally.

Voters, especially the young, have lost faith in government. And Hillary, for all her life, has espoused the supposed virtues of big government. And she won’t be able to sell that to the voters, especially to the younger ones.

For someone in their mid-20’s, who came of  age politically 5-10 years ago…their experience with, and knowledge of, government, has been Barack Obama’s administration, and that is not reassuring, and not likely to make them vote for “more of the same,” aka Hillary Clinton, in 2016.

Actually, we need to change Sinatra’s words to make them more relevant to Obama. They should read:

“No, you couldn’t!”