Did Hillary just step into it , BIG TIME..... up to her cankles...

Wonder why this little gem hasn’t gotten much more attention?


Breitbart has the video:

Appearing Friday at a rally for Martha Coakley, (she who, not Wendy David, is running  THE ABSOLUTELY WORST CAMPAIGN EVER) Hillary dropped this little nugget:

Don’t let anybody tell you that businesses create jobs..”

Oh, really? Pray tell us, m’lady..then who does?


Hillary creates jobs..with this boner…she’s just created hundreds, nay thousands of ads for the GOP

What makes it worse, she actually appears to “think” about her comment..she pauses before she speaks…so it’ll be hard to claim she misspoke.

Is she rattled? Is she worrying about a newly emergent Monica? Could be…

Hillary attempts to ridicule trickle down economics, saying that when Slick was elected, they brought “arithmetic” to Washington.

OK, then..fair enough, Hillary. Here’s a pop quiz for you..

“How many presidents does it take to screw an intern?”


And here’s a little bonus for all of you, courtesy of Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing..”

“If Republicans win the Senate, Obama’s hands will be tied for the next two years. How will he be able to golf?”



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