Imagine if the GOP wins 5 Senate seats on Election Day, with Georgia and Louisiana going to a runoff

Here’s an absolutely fascinating, and actually, quite possible scenario that could well play out in the next few weeks.  Let’s assume that the GOP flips 5 Democrat Senate seats, while holding onto Kansas and Kentucky.

Nobody hits 50% in Georgia and Louisiana, and we head to run-offs. The Republicans thus have 50 seats , and control of the Senate hinges on the results in Georgia and Louisiana.

Except that Obama has “cleverly” delayed several important decisions until AFTER the midterms. Among these are:

1. Amnesty declaration

2. Naming a new Attorney General

3. Announcing the new Obamacare premiums

4. Instituting a travel ban from West Africa

5. Vetoing the Keystone Pipeline

6. Issuing a gazillion new EPA regulations

7. Results of the Bergdahl investigation

There are probably a few more that I’ve overlooked

So, what’s the guy to do?

Push the agenda, and blow any chance at keeping the Senate?

Which would mean that he couldn’t get anything passed the last two years of his administration, and would likely result in all-out war with a GOP controlled Congress.

Or,  lose both run-offs, and ask  50 Democrat senators to “take one for the team” and head off to the minority.

I can imagine the headline in the WaPo:

SECRET SERVICE ARRESTS [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ] FOR PUNCHING OBAMA IN THE NOSE