Obama apologist Bill Burton ALMOST just stepped in it big time

Well, Obama’s former SecDef  Leon Panetta has been all over the airwaves, tearing Barry a new one ( and also promoting his new book). Panetta’s appearance on O’Reilly last night was especially devastating. O’Reilly multiple times excoriated and eviscerated Obama, then turned to Panetta and asked if he agreed with him, at which time Panetta just smiled, even appearing to giggle a few times.

So today the administration  obviously felt compelled to respond, to attempt to refute Panetta. First up was butt boy Bill Burton ( readers, please note the snappy alliteration).

PJ Media has the story here, and the video link is on the second page. It’s short about 2 minutes


But when you listen to Burton, note what happens when he attempts to condemn Panetta for daring to “criticize a President in…..” and then it happens..TWICE..he’s  about to say “IN WARTIME”…. but he catches himself..you can all but see and hear the words at the tip of his tongue..but of course…we can’t be at war..since we can’t have “boots on the ground”, right?

Burton is so flustered, trying to come up with something to say to knock Panetta, that about 15 seconds later, he almost does it AGAIN…he’s just about to say “IN A TIME OF WAR..” when he  pulls back from the  second big oopsie..

BTW..look at Burton closely. I’m visualize Obama saying, “If I had a son, he’d look like Bill Burton.”

He really does..


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