On Reince Preibus' PATHETIC appearance on Meet The Press

Mr. Chairman, when will you ever learn?

I happened to catch Reince Preibus’ appearance on MTP today, and it was well..gawd-awful.

Note: As I post this, 6PM on Sunday, there is no video or transcript online as yet. I’ll post a link when I have a chance, but if anyone finds one first, please do so.

Chuck Todd was his usual snarky self. Let me give you a brief synopsis of the low-lights.

Talking about the “Principles for American Renewal,” Todd’s first comment was ” I noticed that you don’t dwell on social  issues here. Why?”

And we’re off….Todd then attempts to equate the “Principals” with the “Contract For America” but in a snide tone and manner so dismissive of both.

And then Todd asks about abortion..the Dems “go-to” word this campaign.

Reince, DAMMIT!!!..why don’t you just tell him to get off of it… ask him why, with all that’s going on in the word..ISIL, Ebola, to name a few, he, Todd, is wasting  important air time on a topic that polls ( the vaunted, all-important polls) show  that most Americans not named Sandra Fluke and Wendy Davis don’t care  a fig’s leaf about.

And then, he’s asking you about the GOP’s hopes for the Senate..forcing you to admit that the 2014 campaign will be a failure if we don’t win the Senate. (and yes, it will be a colossal failure, of course, ( and due in no small part to your actions, or , in many cases, inactions) but , DUDE..why say it?

Instead, why not remind people that when Obama was elected in 2008, he had commanding majorities in the House and Senate, but now, we’re on the cusp of a GOP majority in the House of a size not seen since the Truman administration, and we may well win 10 seats in the Senate.  All of which represents a total repudiation of Obama and his policies by the American people.

Reince, time to grow a pair..


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