Is it time for Mississippi conservatives to teach the GOPe a lesson and vote for Travis Childers?

First, I want to make one thing perfectly clear: It is the stated position of Erick and the mods that Red State advocates voting for the most conservative candidate in the primaries, and the Republican in the general election. I agree with that, and it is not my intent here to troll or disrupt.  Anyone who has read my earlier diaries knows that. However, if those in charge  feel this diary strays over the line, they should take it down.

People, this is MISSISSIPPI. This is totally different.  What has happened here is an abomination. Everyone here knows what was done to Chris McDaniel in the primary and the run-off. The Republican establishment used the vilest, most despicable tactics to renominate a senile fool to the US Senate. They committed massive electoral fraud; they stole the election.

Three months ago, disgusted at what had just occurred in the Magnolia State, I posted a diary, actually, more of a diatribe:

“So, would it really be THAT bad if we don’t win the Senate in November?”


To my utter astonishment, it was promoted to the front page ( first time ever) and received 140 comments.  The majority agreed with my sentiments, and shared my frustrations and disgust.

Since that time, McDaniel has lost several attempts to have the election overturned, and is awaiting the outcome of one last, albeit long-shot court ruling. State law requires that the ballots be printed very soon.

It now appears, less than 5 weeks out, that the Republicans will win control of the Senate. GOP seats in Kentucky and Georgia  that were earlier deemed at risk now appear safe. It could well turn into a wave election for the GOP. As we get closer, the polls will be even more accurate. By mid October, we should be able to get a better sense of the size of the incoming Republican majority.

If Cochran is reelected, then the GOPe wins, big time. They literally will get away with stealing an election. And most likely, within a year, Cochran will retire, and Haley Barbour will hand pick his successor.

McDaniel and his supporters have declared war on the state GOPe, and vowed to dismantle the party establishment in 2015.  I wish them success. It is long overdue.

But if indeed, this is a war, then why not let it begin now?

With a preemptive  strike!

The GOP base, the Tea Party, social conservatives in Mississippi are highly organized and motivated. McDaniel’s primary campaign demonstrated that.

So, if we’re some ten days from election day, and all the polls look good, then it’s easy to use the internet and social media to get the message out to McDaniel’s supporters:

1. Vote for Childers, or

2. Don’t vote for any senate candidate.

That should be more than enough to elect Childers.

I suspect Childers will be a far more moderate senator..I can’t see him running to do Reid’s or Schumer’s bidding.

Haley Barbour awoke a sleeping giant. Time to pay the piper!

And I would remind all of you that if the GOP establishment gets away with this, they’ll pull out all the stops to keep a real conservative from getting nominated for the White House. Why do you think we are all of a sudden hearing all this talk about more Mitt?

For a multitude of reasons, it’s time to put Cochran out to pasture, even if doing so requires electing a Democrat.






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