Whoa!! Ezekiel Emanuel has just euthanized ALL the 2016 Democrat presidential candidates

A short while back I posted a somewhat tongue-in-cheek diary: “The AVERAGE age of Democrat presidential candidates is (GASP) 70!!!”


But is seems that the architect of Obamacare, Ezekiel Emanuel, has just decided to wipe out all the Democrats running for the White House. According to ole Zeke, 75 is the perfect age to commence pushing up daisies:


We know that liberals tend to be little fuzzy on math…you know, things like spending, deficits, unemployment numbers, but there’s really no excuse for this.

If Democrats were to follow Zeke’s instructions,  (and why shouldn’t they, since they heeded his advice on all the other Obamacare stuff) then Biden and Saunders would pull the plug while in the Oval Office…..possibly in a prime-time address to the nation:

“My fellow Americans: President John F. Kennedy famously said..“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Well, I’m about to take that advice to heart. Bye.”

(Cue to close up of POTUS pushing a red RESET button, then doing a face-plant on the “Resolute” desk.)

And as for Hillary, well..by Zeke’s guidelines, at best she’s now going to be a one-term President, which makes her a lame-duck the day she’s sworn in.

Hillary will no doubt trot out the old canard that women live longer than men, by at least 5 years; therefore “80 is the new 75!!” and thus she can hang in there for a second term.

However, Democrats have succeeded in eliminating all distinctions and differences due to sex, and sexual orientation. Thus, Hillary will be forced to adopt unisex mortality tables, and under those parameters, she’s a goner after one term also.

Zeke’s lucky..his younger brother ( by 2 years) Rahm, will be there to see that Zeke keeps his promise..