Hillary had better hope her campaign fares better, and lasts longer, than "Madame Secretary."

Imagine if a junior high school creative writing class were asked to emulate “The West Wing,” and produce a script about life , sex, and politics inside the Beltway.  “Madame Secretary,” which premiered last night (twice) is actually far worse than that.

The show is obviously intended to be a prime time free political advertisement for Hillary’s upcoming White House run. With friends like these ( the producers) she doesn’t require any enemies. She can only hope that her campaign lasts longer that this show will run.

It is bad….really, really BAD. There’s no point dissecting everything that’s wrong with the program. In some ways, it probably does represent a liberal’s wet dream of what life should be like. Chris Matthews and David Brooks no doubt will love the show.

Hollywood tried to pimp Hillary’s presidential prospects once before.  In 2005, Geena Davis starred in a short lived series, “Commander in Chief,” about the first woman president. Neither that series, nor Hillary’s campaign, was successful.

If the past is indeed prologue, Hillary can’t be too happy…..

Instead of wasting time and money on”Madame Secretary” they might have staged a revival of another, earlier, and far better inside the Beltway diplomatic farce, “Call Me Madam.”




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