Dept of Schadenfreude: NLRB orders CNN to rehire 100 fired employees


Who’d ever have thunk it? CNN, affectionately  known among conservatives as the “Clinton News Network” has been found guilty of  (gasp)unfair labor practices, “widespread and egregious conduct,” a flagrant and general disregard for employees’ fundamental rights,” and a whole other bunch of really bad stuff.

Really? CNN?

Seems CNN will have to rehire some 100 workers, and make a financial settlement with another 200 or so.

It’s gonna cost CNN BIG$$$..in the “tens of millions..”

Variety  has the story here:


And all this just as the latest, and best living example of the “Peter Principle,” (mail room boy to CEO) Jeff Zucker has told employees that lots more job cuts are imminent.

“We are going to have to do what we do with less,” said Jeff.

Does that include learning to speak intelligently and coherently?

But good luck with that new layoff/restructuring scheme, Jeff. Hope you’ve got a Plan B, and C, and D.

I, OTOH, have got  plenty of popcorn



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