The AVERAGE age of Democrat presidential candidates is (GASP): 70!!!

2016 Democrat hopefuls are invading Iowa this weekend, ostensibly to attend Tom Harkin’s annual steak fry dinner, but in reality to kick off the 2016 primary season. Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders are scheduled to drop by and chew the fat (hopefully NOT literally..it’s bad for the arteries).

The Hill has the story..but click on the link just to take a look at the three faces of the future..


There are more cracks on those faces than on Mt. Rushmore


If one of them actually managed to make it to the White House, they’d be about as old as Tom Harkin is now, and he’s retiring.

But think about the exciting topics we can anticipate at the Democrat primary debates:

Should Medicare cover Depends?

Are hand rails in bathtubs and showers an unalienable right?

Should the FDA regulate the percentage of prunes in prune juice?

Should people who work past 70 have mandatory paid “nap time?”


Ronald Reagan was 70 when he was elected. Remember all the jokes the Dems made during the campaign about his age? Well, recycling them will be fun…



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