OK, just what is a "large scale, years long, multi-variant counter-terrorism action?"

Oh, those funny, funny people at MSNBC. Last night, after Obama’s speech, they were tying themselves in knots, along with the English language attempting to prop up the president, to somehow defend him to their base,  get him off the hook for doing a 180 from his previous statements,  ( though it’s easy to see their hearts aren’t in it) and actually embracing the policies of his predecessor, Bush 43.

Last night, Lawrence O’Donnell couldn’t quite find the words, so he gamely threw it to Rachel Maddow, who came up with this gem..that Obama is engaging in a “large scale, years long, multi-variant (WTF????HUH?????) counter terrorism action…”

Link below…from 2:45-5:00 and note the expression on Maddow’s face..as if she’s been sucking lemons.

And we thought the “Ft Hood shooting is an act of workplace violence” newspeak was bad enough….