ISIS is very much alive and growing as a threat, and BTW, General Motors sucks

Obama ran, and won, in 2012, pretty much on one sound bite: “We are better off today. Osama bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is very much alive.”

Yesterday we learned, from a superb piece by Stephen Hayes in The Weekly Standard:


that the WH  quickly halted the comprehensive examination and study of the documents and computers found in bin Laden’s house. This could have been an intelligence coup, but they were fearful that it would reveal the true extent of Al Qaeda’s strength and influence around the middle east, and put the lie to Obama’s claim.

So, a golden opportunity to ( dare I say it?) degrade and destroy our enemy was  halted..sacrificed on the altar of Obama’s re-election campaign.

It’s about what we would expect from this White House, but it is very disconcerting that not one single CIA or Pentagon official would do the right thing, and blow the whistle….either leaking the story of the intelligence clamp-down, or resigning and publicly denouncing the administration for a blatant and overt failure to protect us.

We know that under Eric Holder, the DoJ has become incredibly politicized, and the next AG under a Republican president will have a Herculean task to clean out the Augean Justice stables.

It appears that both Langley and the Puzzler Palace have been infested, and overrun by careerists, who have forgotten what  is their real mission. This also must be corrected.

And while were correcting the record, GM really sucks! They’ve had to recall nearly TWO MILLION cars. They lied and lied, and lied about the faulty ignition switch ( following the IRS handbook on obfuscation) and managed to kill about 13 people in the process.

The taxpayers lost a bundle on the bailout. GM’s sales are way down, as is the stock price. Their prospects look bleak.

In two months we start the long road back.

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