ISIS draws Obama a "red line" in the sand....slashed across the necks of two Americans in the desert

Obama’s presser yesterday was a veritable “tour de farce.”  He managed to successfully contradict himself on his non-existent policy towards ISIS, which only verifies that “as yet, there is no policy.”

Whether or not one views this as taking “one step forward, two steps backs,” without a doubt Obama once again stepped on his crank, regardless of the direction he was attempting to take.

It’s easy to view Obama’s performance as Alfred E Neumanesque, a “What, me worry?” attempt to mollify Americans into thinking that he’s the man with a plan.

Obama’s “red lines” have become the stuff of parody…from Syria, to Libya, to Iraq, to Iran, to Russia..our foreign policy has all the impact of a blunt red Sharpie.

But ISIS has now laughed in his face, and drawn its own red lines..sadly, this time in blood, across the necks of two dead Americans. After the first time, Obama teed off, not against ISIS, but on the golf course. After the second time..well, he had a plane to catch, and we all know that it’s necessary to leave for the airport several hours early…all those security checkpoints.

Obama has shown more initiative in attacking the CIA and the Pentagon than he has against ISIS. First, he said that he wasn’t ever told about the threat ISIS poses until a few weeks ago. Oopsie..but the PDAs completely refute that lie.

Then, we’re told that the reason we don’t have a strategy as yet to deal with ISIS is because the Pentagon has yet to give him one. As if!! Look, the main reason the Pentagon takes up so much space is because they need the room to store the hard copies of war plans for every possible military contingency.

If Obama decided this very second that the United Stated needed to invade Prince Edward Island, war plans would be on his desk in an hour. And the hour delay is due to traffic in DC.

ISIS will not stop. They have no reason to do so. And it’s unfortunately very easy to predict what happens next. ISIS goes for the maximum shock value. The first beheading, of James Foley..stunned and appalled us all. The second,  not as much so.  That’s just human nature. Horror, once witnessed, is not quite as horrible the second time around.

But ISIS is reported to be holding hostage another American, a female aid worker. And this is where they will go next, without a doubt. Journalists voluntarily put themselves “at risk”; but an innocent, young female humanitarian worker..that’s an image for the ages.

ISIS wants Obama to strike back, to lash out…they believe that an American response will only inflame the region even more. It’s a recruiting  tool for them..and because Obama’s response will be tepid at best, they don’t fear it…they welcome it.

I hope I am wrong in this. But  I don’t think  I am.

And is there any doubt that at his press conference, after this next act of barbarism, Obama will reference it as “ISIS’s war on women…”

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