Read my lips: We don't have a strategy yet....

**Promoted from the diaries. – Aaron**

There are misspeaks…there are gaffes..there are cases of political foot-in-mouth disease, and then there are monumentally self-destructive comments like Obama uttered yesterday:

“We don’t have a strategy yet….” for dealing with ISIS

The WH scrambled to try and dismiss this as just a verbal gaffe…Obama paying an “aw shucks” homage to  Harry Reid. Maybe they should invoke Joe Biden instead, because this really is a “big f***in’ deal.”

It’s so damaging because it reinforces what many already know, and many more are starting to understand..there is a dearth of ideas, an utter lack of  competency inside the Obama administration, and it is likely to prove dangerous to America.

“Read my lips: No new taxes!”

Rush Limbaugh believes that GHWB would have easily won re-election had he not broken that pledge, and gone on to increase taxes. GOP pollster Richard Wirthlin called the promise the “six most destructive words in presidential politics.” Ed Rollins termed it as “probably the most serious violation of any political pledge ever made.”

Pat Buchanan, Bill Clinton, and Ross Perot were able to use it effectively against Bush in the 1992 election. His popularity , which was at a record 80% after the Gulf War, collapsed.

This all occurred in a pre-internet, pre-Twitter, pre-24/7 news cycle world.

Obama has gift-wrapped and hand delivered to the GOP six words that will likely  be more damaging than Bush’s broken 6 word pledge. Though Obama is not actually on the ballot..in many ways he still is, as Democrats are tied to him.

The GOP will also be able to successfully hang this on Hillary..it perfectly summarizes the failed “reset” button, and of course, Benghazi. It will force her to try and distance herself sooner, and further, from Obama..which will only split the Democrat base.

I happily give you the text for a 30 second GOP ad in 2016..perhaps a Red Stater with more ability than I can do the actual commercial.

1. The clip of Hillary testifying..near-shrieking..”What difference does it make?”

2. Obama saying,”We don’t have a strategy yet.