How soon before Obama takes the ice bucket challenge?

The ice bucket challenge, to raise awareness and funds for ALS research, is sweeping the nation. It’s been wildly successful in raising money. For those who have spent the last few weeks in hibernation and/or Rio Linda, it involves :

a) filming yourself getting doused with a bucket of ice water

b) writing a check to help fund research to defeat ALS

c) challenging friends(s) to do the same

Of late, we’ve been seen George W. Bush take the challenge:


Mitt Romney has also stepped up:


However, the lawyers at the State Dept have banned diplomats from getting doused. Seems diplomatic ice can only be used in  cocktails.


I hope they issue a clarification as to whether or not the ban applies to State Dept press spokespersons. I’m sure that millions of conservatives would kick in a few bucks to see Marie Harf and Jen Psaki get doused.  They are both so cold the water would probably freeze as it hit them.

We’re also awaiting a ruling from ICE as to whether or not agents can participate in the “ice bucket challenge.”

Which brings us to the question of the moment? Obama’s having a really bad vacation..to say the least. So, how soon before his handlers  decide they have to do something to change the narrative, and what could be better than a dunk? If he has time to fill out his NCAA brackets on national television, surely he can take the time to get wet for a good cause? It might even bump up the polls.

I think it’s inevitable.  Just a question of when.

My prediction: over the Labor Day weekend. Look, the guy’s just come back from a vacation..but with the long weekend upon us..no doubt he’ll want to get away for at least one more round of golf. To deflect the screams of outrage…he’s even lost the NY Times, fer pete’s sake…I can see him on the 18th green, after finishing his round, getting dumped on by his playing partners.

Just a thought..if Erick wants to get wet, and post the video here, I’ll send in a check…



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