Let's take a moment to contemplate the exquisitely delicious tableaux that will be the 2016 Democrat convention.

Remember how Bubba upstaged Gore’s moment in 2000..that excruciatingly long walk through the bowels of the Staples Center….the entire stroll aired on national TV….Clinton’s monumental ego on display…

Here’s a brief clip ( scroll down the page)


Let’s assume that in the summer of 2016, Hillary has secured the Democrat nomination, and Obama has continued to plummet in the polls, as the situations at home and abroad worsen.

The nominee traditionally takes over the DNC. That’s gonna be fun to watch. The Clintons are  the ultimate control freaks.  The “discussions” over how and when Obama gets to speak will make the Israeli-Hamas peace talks look like a tea party.

Hillary won’t want to walk onstage to accept the nomination to the cries of “four more years” from the faithful lefties.

Will Jimmy Carter be invited..now that he’s been rehabilitated and is no longer the absolute worst president evah….Will Michael Moore be invited to once again sit beside Carter?

Will they provide an homage to former leaders Pelosi and Reid?

What’s OFA ( the Obama cult) gonna do?

They should really hold it in a tent. It’s gonna be a circus.

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