A suggestion for the "Democrat wing of the Democrat party" on how to handle Hillary's putative candidacy

Democrats and the MSM have long been fond of telling we Republicans what we need to do..nay MUST do..in order to keep our party viable.

So I thought I’d return the favor with a simple, modest suggestion on how Democrats should handle Hillary..the 800 lb gorilla in the room…will she or won’t she run?

Right now, she’s frozen the race…sitting back..giving speeches for big $$..hawking the book,  renting  space in NYC….and playing dumb on the question of her future intentions..

She’s become increasingly distanced and detached from the liberal wing of the party..she’s viewed as far too hawkish, and her heavy handed efforts to create space between herself and Obama have backfired among the base.

Right now there are at least 5 Democrats who are thinking about running, would no doubt really like to run, yet can’t do anything, for a whole lot of reasons… until Hillary makes up her mind and announces.

They are, according to this story today in “The Hill”:


Warren,  Biden, O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, and Russ Feingold. ( FYI..note Cuomo’s omission)

We saw last month a boomlet for Warren, which she was quick to squash..as she’s not yet ready to openly challenge Clinton.

So, what’s a Dem to do? Actually, there’s a really easy, yet elegant solution.

Politics ain’t beanbag, f’sure…today, it more resembles warfare. And one of the key lessons of war..be it taught at the Army War College, or to NCOs learning squad tactics, is, if at all possible,  to never, NEVER let the enemy pick the time and place of battle of his choosing.

So let’s say that shortly after Labor Day, Howard Dean ( he’d be perfect in the role..and he has no great love for the Clintons) holds a press conference, and says something along these lines:

“As a Democrat, and former candidate for the White House, I believe that it is crucial that our party begins to focus now on the 2016 elections. The midterm elections are upon us, but we democrats know that it is crucial that we keep control of the White House in 2016. Therefore I believe that it is crucial that any Democrat who is considering running in 2016 declare his or her intention to do so before the end of 2014.”

And that, as they say, would be that.

The cat’s out of the bag..the toothpaste can’t be put back in the tube.

There’s no way she could get out of that one…




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