Will every GOP 2016 presidential candidate run promising to REVERSE Obama's executive order on amnesty?

It seems that daily we hear reports, rumors, leaks that sometime in the near future, Obama will pick up his pen and sign an  unconstitutional executive order which will amnesty several million illegals.

The thing about executive orders is just that: they are executive orders, and not laws, and are thus subject to cancellation  by the next president. One of the first actions Obama took after being sworn in was to cancel multiple EOs issued by Bush.

This raises several fascinating, and obvious questions:

1. Can ANY of the GOP field of WH hopefuls  win a primary without promising to reverse Obama’s EO on amnesty?

2. How would this impact the general election?

3. What happens to the millions who have been legalized by Obama, only to find out they might not be so?

All these must be asked against the backdrop of a changing public perception on the immigration problem. The recent mess at our southern border, which will worsen in the coming months, coupled with the administration’s dumping of thousands of kids across the country, has dramatically changed the public’s mind on this issue.

The first question will be asked the same day that Obama signs his EO. One, or more, of the GOP candidates will publicly promise to reverse it the day he is elected. And it’s easy to figure out who that will be:

Rick Perry.

Indeed, I look for a simple, powerful statement from Perry, something like “This action  by Obama is illegal and unconstitutional, and my first action as President will be to issue an EO cancelling this action.”

Perry was been, well, “presidential” in his handling of the border crisis in Texas, and has made Obama look small and petty. Perry’s rehabilitated his image…. he’s doubled his approval rating among GOP voters.

And then, as Holmes said to Watson, “the game’s afoot.”

As soon as Perry makes his announcement, every other candidate will have a microphone in their face, and be asked the same question.

We’ve all seen many in the GOP waffling on “repealing” Obamacare..they ran on it, but many have changed or modified their position since then..showing a lack of cojones for the fight.

The EO is a whole different kettle of fish. It’s easy…cut  and dried. Either you will, or you won’t.

We shall see.

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