What if Hamas chartered a liner, put 1,000+ Palestinian kids aboard, and sailed for NYC?

Author’s mea culpa ( and some necessary background perspective): I admit it. I used to like  George Will.  There, I said it. I always did. Maybe it’s because we share a love for the great game of baseball, America’s national pastime. So much so that more than a year ago, I posted a diary on Red State: “An open letter to George Will: Time to save your reputation, and possibly your soul, and quit ‘This Week’ “



And I guess George reads Red State, because soon after, he did just that, moving to FOX. I was so looking forward to the panels with Will and Krauthammer..and as I always record the shows, I could continue to fast forward whenever Juan Williams opened his mouth.

But like a great many, I was gobsmacked this past Sunday when Will opined that we should “welcome with open arms the 57,000 ( and counting) migrant children ( or, as Will calls them, ‘criminals with teddy bears’)  to America.” According to George, we should educate them, so that they can then get jobs and be assimilated. ( And yes, he actually did use that word..which more than anything else shows the extent of his delusion.)

The situation on our southern border is a mess. And Obama is doing nothing to solve it; he’s only making it worse. And some conservatives are siding with him on humanitarian grounds.

So I’ll stipulate for the record that what is happening to these children in central American is a tragedy, and that they are indeed innocent victims. They have absolutely no future, and face a life of poverty, terror, murder, and sexual exploitation.

And then I started thinking. What about the Palestinian children?  They too are innocent, tragic victims. Even the Israeli PM Netanyahu openly recognizes that fact.  That they are victims of Hamas, and not of Israeli is beside the point: They are still innocent victims.. ( at least before they start attending school and are taught, are conditioned, to hate the Jews)

How then,  is the plight of these children any different than those from central America now flooding across our borders?

But ask yourself: What if Hamas were to charter a cruise ship, filled it with 1,000+ young Palestinian kids (many orphans, as well as those whose families just want a better and safer life for their children) got some do-good European NGO to staff and supply the ship and accompany the kids, and announce they were setting sail for NYC, where the ship would sail past the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, (nice photo op, eh?) and dock in Manhattan, disembark the kids, and fully expect that the US would accord them the same “rights” as the kids from central America?

A few questions come to mind:

Would the Israelis block the ship from sailing? Hell no. After what that idiot Kerry’s done these last few days, the Israeli Navy would probably provide an escort  into the Mediterranean through the Straits of  Gibraltar,

Would US Navy ships in the Med attempt to intercept the ship and turn it around? Yeah, sure…as if…

Would the Russian Navy provide an escort across the Atlantic? Are you kidding? Putin would make himself an admiral and lead the convoy.

Would Obama order the Coast Guard to bar the ship from entering NY harbor?..Again..are you kidding?

Would Obama be on a fund-raising trip and/or golfing as the ship entered NY harbor?  Seriously? You have to ask…as if there’s any doubt about it?

Who would be waiting at the pier  in Manhattan as the kids left the ship? Nancy Pelosi? Bill de Blasio? Rahm Emanuel? Glen Beck? (eh…….) Xavier Becerra? DeVal Patrick ( not quite so sure now, eh, Gov, after 10,000 of your pissed-off constituents held a little rally this weekend), Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton? Chuckie Schumer? Keith Ellison?  Michelle Obama? Hillary? Chelsea? Katharine Jefferts Schori? ( yes, it’s admittedly somewhat obtuse, but she’s my  own personal “bete noir”)

And oh, yeah, one more…George Will?



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