OK...where are all the so-called "moderate Muslims" denouncing the persecution of Christians in Iraq? How about just one?? Anybody?

Well, we’ve heard for years how Islam is the religion of peace, and that it’s only a few “bad Muslims” committing all these bad acts..that they’ve perverted their faith.

OK then..so where are the “moderate Muslims”..the so-called “good guys”..why aren’t they denouncing what is happening to Christians today in Iraq…they are being forced to flee their homes..forfeit everything..or get martyred..simply because of their faith.

The terrorists have this really catchy, neat slogan…“First we get rid of the Saturday people, then we get rid of the Sunday people..” 

For those of you in Rio Linda..that’s Jews and Christians they’re talking about here.

So, where’s an Imam..any Imam..leading a prayer vigil, holding a rally..denouncing what ISIS is doing?

Nope..not gonna happen.

How about  CAIR…time to show they really do “care.”

Uh,  that’s a no go…

Obama  held a Ramadan breakfast recently at the White House. Not one of the attendees has yet made a statement denouncing ISIS.

Keith Ellison..where art thou?


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