Israel kills a few Palestinians - the whole world wails! Muslims kill 200,000 Syrians - the whole world yawns

First, let’s be clear about one thing; I’m not trying to be flippant about the horrific civilian death tolls all across the middle east.  But it’s interesting, and well, obvious to note the…. shall we say “discrepancy” in how  the MSM deals with the two body counts.

Israel has started an operation in Gaza to degrade Hamas. The terrorists are launching thousands of rockets into Israel, and digging tunnels into Israeli territory, from where they plan to kill and/or kidnap civilians.

Hamas purposely stores its rockets in schools and hospitals; areas designed to cause the greatest civilian casualties when Israel targets them. Indeed, as the Israeli PM explained this weekend, the Israelis warn the Palestinians before the attacks occurs, telling them to avoid the area; it is Hamas that tells them to remain in place.

In an area as densely populated as the Gaza strip, coupled with Hamas’ tactics, civilian casualties are inevitable. And we are already seeing how the MSM skews the coverage…showing the bodies of dead Palestinian children. The thousands of  rockets launched by Hamas into Israel..that’s usually an afterthought.

OK..the MSM has been doing the same thing for decades..it’s nothing new..except that this time it seems that Netanyahu realizes that Israel will never win the war of world opinion, so he’s not going to worry about it….instead, he’s determined to strike Hamas hard, and protect Israeli lives.

So it’s far more interesting to compare how the MSM treats the ever increasing death totals in Syria. The most recent number is put at  about 170,000. I suspect it’s far higher. Every time we reach a nice round number..usually in 25,000 body increments…we get a little blurb on the inside pages of the WaPo or NY Times..and maybe a 10 second sound bite on the network news..

But wait..aren’t there tens of thousands of innocent children among the dead? Of course…but what’s the difference? Well..now, here we have Muslims busily and happily killing other Muslims.

No big deal…it’s what they do. After all, they’ve been busy doing it for thousands of years.