(GASP!!!) Obama has lost Joe Biden: Now THIS is a BIG F*****G DEAL!!!

It’s not easy to take seriously anything that comes out of Biden’s mouth: indeed, one wonders if the VP himself ever really understands what he is saying, or attempting to convey.

However, it appears that Joe is attempting to put some distance between himself and his boss. Unless he decides to move to New Zealand, ( or the moon) it won’t work.

You can watch the clip below, but here’s the crux of Joe’s thinking:

Barack and I were elected in 2008 to do “change.” ( BTW, what happened to “hope?”) We haven’t managed to do   “change” yet, but it’s still possible do “change”. You young people are the agents of “change” but ( assuming Hillary doesn’t run, and Warren doesn’t run) if you elect me in 2016 (IOW..vote for a  3rd Obama term ….as if!!!) then I, who couldn’t get “change” done in 8 years, will do “change” in my first term.

OK..got it? Do your ears hurt?

Here’s the video from “Special Report”:


“And yes, the border will still be secure when I take office…”

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