Oops..seems those "bonuses" paid to VA officials who created the phony lists can't be rescinded after all ( Hey, how about just firing somebody, anybody?)

Well, if you want to start your weekend off by getting really PO’d, here’ s a must read: Mark Flatten’s superb expose in “The Washington Examiner” :

“Veterans Affairs officials claim agency cannot revoke bonuses, contradicting earlier statements to congressional committee.”


FYI..there’s a chart at the end of the article…it lists ALL the VA supervisors who got bonuses, and the amounts. Every one should be fired. Period. Like the proverbial busload of lawyers driving off a cliff, it would be a good start.

It’s tragic what the VA has done to our veterans, but if any good can come out of this, if thousands of veterans will in fact have made one more sacrifice for their country, often sadly…the ultimate one… ( and one that they did NOT sign up for) then maybe Americans will start to realize that the federal government is too big, totally out of control, and cares more about its own self-perpetuation and status than it  does for “we the taxpayers” who foot the bill…

The multiple Obama scandals have put Democrats in a weird place….forced to defend the most detested of all federal agencies..the IRS, and also to defend the VA..the organization that is abusing the most honored and respected segment of our population..our veterans.

The root cause ( a liberal’s favorite phrase) of  both problems is the same..a massive, and growing federal bureaucracy that is concerned only with perpetuating itself.

In the federal government, unlike the private sector..you can’t ever do anything wrong..you can’t get fired, the bonuses you illegally obtained can’t be rescinded…you just go on paid administrative leave seemingly forever.

And the Dems don’t want to change the laws to allow for the dismissal of the senior VA officials who are responsible for this mess, and who profited by it…after all, crooks have rights also..eh?

One gets the sense that more and more people are starting to notice, and are getting mad. We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out in November; if we do in fact have a wave election.  Many Dems are climbing way way out on limbs; possibly we the people can saw off a few more….

One quick note of friendly advice for Gov. Perry. I hope you’re doing some memory exercises every day.  Your 2012 campaign imploded when, during a debate, you forgot the third of the three federal agencies you want to abolish. If you do decide to run in 2016…your list of agencies on the chopping block should be about 50…so, start memorizing now..


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