Where are all the so-called "moderate" Muslims decrying the self-anointed caliph's use of a mosque to proclaim jihad?

ISIS, or IS..as it is now calling itself  (guess it all depends on what the meaning of “IS,” is..) last week released a video of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, or ABAB, or AB2..the new self described caliph of every grain of sand on the planet earth, speaking at a mosque in Mosul, and calling for all Muslims everywhere  to bow down  to him, and rise up against  the infidels..

Ah, mosques..those peaceful havens of tranquility and contemplation in the ocean of Islam..which were used by Saddam’s forces to fire from on American troops, while our forces just had to wave,  smile back, and take pictures..

So, where are all the moderate Muslims in the world..heck..how about just one friggin’ Imam at a mosque here in the US decrying the corruption of his faith by terrorists?

I’m waiting…..still waiting….waiting…

The silence is deafening.

Can we finally stop with all this  “The Religion of Peace” crapola.

You are known by your words and actions. Islam IS the enemy of western civilization ( there’s that pesky little  “IS” again)

Will the first “moderate” Muslim please snuff out the candles in the mosque just before he  blows  up the place, and himself,  to pieces.


Note: Col. Allen West has a brilliant column today: “More Obama-Muslim Brotherhood cooperation revealed –  Smells like treason to me.”

A must read:http://allenbwest.com/2014/07/obama-muslim-brotherhood-cooperation-revealed-smells-like-treason/