So, Hillary's donated her college speaking fees to charity? OK...produce the evidence ( and one obvious reason why she's lying)

Hillary’s book tour cum White House campaign try-out isn’t going as well as expected.  Stung by comments about her wealth, and her inability to relate to the concerns of the common folk, she’s managed to elevate “foot in mouth disease” to a new level.  Let’s call it “CMS” for “cankle in mouth syndrome.”

So she’s now claiming, as reported by the AP, that she has always donated her college speaking fees to charity. And because she says it’s so, and the AP reports that she said it’s so.. well, then…it’s so, and we shouldn’t ask about it any more.

Uh, no….

First of all, where’s the proof? Let’s see the checks, and the corresponding deductions on the tax returns.

Oh, the “charity” in question is the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Family Foundation..

Well, well, well..isn’t that convenient. Or, if you prefer..”What difference does it make?”

Uh, a lot…..

But actually, there’s one reason why she’s lying. Period.

For lots of  valid reasons,  (which we’re not going into detail here) any reputable tax attorney/adviser will tell you that in a case like she purports to describe..that she’s donating her fee to charity (especially as she knows which charity will receive the largesse) you instruct the donor institution to MAKE THE CHECK PAYABLE DIRECTLY TO THE CHARITY.

If you want, they can even send along a nice little note saying that the donation has been made  in the name of….just like when you see a funeral announcement…asking that “in lieu of flowers, donations be made to a certain named charity.

Come to think  of it..as her nascent campaign struggles, the “funeral analogy” may not be that much of a stretch..