Thinking the unthinkable: What if this administration really doesn't have a clue?

Insults are as old as  politics. And they’re bipartisan; applied equally by one side against the other: “They’re total idiots.” “They have no idea what they’re doing.” “Miserable failure” ( remember that one? repeated ad nauseam by the Democrats during the Bush years). “The inmates are running the asylum.” Take your pick.

But as we consider the present state of our nation and planet, we are faced with contemplating the impossible: that there is now a high probability that the Obama administration really doesn’t have a clue about anything; that they are totally out of ideas.

Iraq and the rest of the Middle East are imploding. Our southern border is collapsing.  (Just think: they tell us that the border is secure, so how then are thousands of kids getting across? And if kids can make it that easily, what about trained terrorists?) The VA system is a shambles.

The administration reacts reflexively like a wounded snake: flailing away, lashing about, curling and uncurling, trying anything its tiny brain can come up with to MAKE IT STOP!! JUST MAKE IT STOP!!

And it doesn’t work. Nothing works. They offer nothing remotely constructive. Just endless banal platitudes. Jen Psaki and Marie Harf, the Pigeon sisters of the State Dept. have become the farce, er…..face  of this administration.

It is the most dangerous of all possible scenarios. A President, and his minions, without a clue, bereft of a single viable idea, and lacking the ability to realize their intellectual bankruptcy.

The nation, along with Obama’s golf game, is going to suffer a great deal these next 30 months.