A huge opportunity ( and test) for the MSM: Mississippi newspapers and TV stations must force a debate between McDaniel and Cochran

OK, we’re into a run-off in Mississippi, (unless Cochran decides to concede). This contest has huge implications, both for the GOP and for the country, and has garnered massive national media attention.

But, surprisingly ( or not) the candidates did not debate once. Cochran declined every opportunity to do so, amid several reports that questioned his alertness and vitality.

So we’re presented with a SIX TERM  senator  who feels that it’s somehow beneath his dignity to debate the would-be usurper of his throne?

No more..after Tuesday’s primary…they’re equals…and actually McDaniels got MORE votes than Cochran.

But let’s see if the fourth estate has any  gumption left.

There are three weeks until the run-off.  Plenty of time for several of the state’s major  newspapers and TV stations ( possibly under the auspices of the local PBS stations and/or the League of Women Voters)  to join forces, pick a date next week, a venue, a moderator, and three people to pose questions, and announce that there is a debate, and they expect that both candidates will show up and participate.

It would be a riveting event, to say the least.

Cochran won’t be able to claim a scheduling conflict, or a pressing engagement. If he ducks the debate, he’s showing  total disdain for the voters, and should be sent packing.

There is no reason for this not to happen, except if the MSM is so in the tank for Cochran and the establishment  that they don’t want to do anything that might damage Cochran’s chances.

The opportunity is there. Will they act?

And maybe it’s time for thousands of Mississippians to start calling and emailing their TV stations to demand a debate.