A question for Chairman Priebus: Why isn't the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference being livecast?

Since RNC Chairman Priebus often graces Red State with his comments, I thought I’d attempt to engage him in a brief dialogue.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the 2014 Republican Leadership conference started yesterday in New Orleans, and continues through Saturday.

Here’s the website:


There are some superb speakers: Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee,Alan West, Rick Perry, to name a few….

So why keep it a secret?

Why aren’t the speeches being  aired  live, on the website, as well as archived, so that we, the base..you know, the foot soldiers in the campaigns..can watch, and learn what’s going on, what our leaders are saying..

Dude….what happened to openness and transparency?

It’s almost like you’re trying to keep it a secret…