It isn't what David Scott said about Obama, it's whatever possessed him to say it that's worth noting

Yesterday, on the House floor, two Georgia Democrats, David Scott and John Barrow, broke with Obama and called for Shinseki to be fired.

He delivered an impassioned, well documented  speech cataloging Shinseki’s failures ( though he was unable to pronounce his name correctly)

Watch it here; it’s a pip:


He then went on to..yes..openly, passionately, and vehemently criticize Obama for his lack of leadership, and lethargic response to the crisis.

Barrow’s apostasy comes as no surprise..he’s one of the nearly extinct Blue Dog Democrats left in the caucus, and is a high profile GOP target this November.

But Scott’s deviation is a whole different animal.

Scott’s a member in good standing of the Congressional Black Caucus, in whose eyes Obama can do no wrong. Indeed, the House last night passed an overwhelmingly bipartisan bill, giving Shinseki the ability to fire senior VA managers on the spot. There were only 33 votes against it, all Democrat, and by my count,  half of those were members of the CBC.

So Scott has stepped way out on a limb here.

The question is why?

Whatever was he thinking? What possessed him?

He’s a shoo-in for re-election, so he has no worries on that front. There are several large VA facilities in his district, so he may be feeling pressure from his constituents.

He may also be contemplating a run for mayor of Atlanta in 2018.

The point is; this may be the first crack in the near monolithic support that Obama has enjoyed among blacks.  Especially  in the south, black Democrats recognize that Obama can do nothing for them; therefore, they have no fear of crossing him.

Scott is the first, but surely not the last. Obama is going to be the lamest of lame ducks after this November…and Democrats who will face the voters in 2016 are engaged in self-preservation.

Collectively, the Black Caucus has by far the dimmest bulbs in the Congress..Hank Johnson, Corinne Brown, and Sheila Jackson Lee come quickly to mind.

We’re about to find out if they are all really that stupid.