McConnell for Senate. OK. Send Mitch a message. Send Mitch $1.00

Erick’s diary yesterday, “McConnell for Senate” is one of the more fascinating reads on Red State in a long time. It ‘s evidence of a wide disparity in how the  conservative base views the putative Senate majority leader in waiting.

Heck, even the esteemed MODS are in a pickle:

streiff: “Personally, I wouldn’t pee up McConnell’s butt if his guts were on fire.”

But, after a night’s reflection, I tend to agree with EE. We can’t risk losing the seat ( Elections DO have consequences..i.e. Obamacare) and his opponent is an avowed and unapologetic baby-killer..a down-the line supporter of the Pelosi/NARAL/Emily’s List twisted view on the issue.

So, what’s a conservative to do?

Well, if you go, as Erick did, to McConnell’s website, you can contribute. And you can “customize” your contribution..You can plug in $1.00 in the “amount” box.

So imagine if one million conservatives did that.  Yes, it will be a drop in the bucket..it’s going to be perhaps the most expensive Senate race ever. But call it the Kickstarter version of political funding..getting  Mitch to focus, to realize who really does wield the power in the GOP.

See, Republicans will win control of the Senate this fall. And McConnell will get elected in the general, and become the next majority leader.

But if he screws it up..if he goes off the reservation, he’ll be the  minority leader again in 2016.

Republicans are defending 24 seats, to the Democrats 1o. And only 1, possibly 2, of the Democrat’s seats can be realistically deemed “in play.”

So Mitch, to badly paraphrase one of the Founders, Ben Franklin..“we’re going to give you a GOP Senate; now what the hell are you going to do with it for the next two years?”