Forget about the NFL and the NBA: ABC is blatantly racist and homophobic; an investigation is urgently needed

ESPN is a major component of ABC. For several weeks now, those of us who look to sports as an escape from both politics and daily life, have been barraged endlessly with stories about Michael Sam and the NFL, and  Donald Sterling and the NBA, and how racist and homophobic we all are.

It’s about time for ABC to engage in a little self-examination.

ABC airs two popular, long running reality shows, “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.”  In each, one person interacts with a number of others, over a course of several weeks, attempting to find true love.

There have been 18 seasons of “The Bachelor” and 10 of “The Bachelorette”, including the season which began this week. That’s 28, in total.

The left views everything through the prism of numbers, quotas, group identity politics.  That’s why we’ve been saddled with, among many obscenities, the Voting Rights Act, and “majority-minority” congressional districts. We can supposedly tell if we’re being “fair”, if we’re “doing the right thing” by looking at the numbers.

OK, let’s do just that.

13% of Americans are black. 3-4% of adult Americans are LGBT.

America now has a black president. We have members of Congress who are openly black  and/or gay.  Many elected officials throughout the nation are also.  The same for judges. We’ve had  black, and also gay, cabinet secretaries.



We have TV series with blacks and gays in starring roles. There is a very high percentage of gays working in the entertainment industry; many at ABC.

The left constantly uses statistics to show that we’re inherently racist, as in over half of young black males have been incarcerated, etc.

OK, by that same logic..given the 28 seasons of “Bachelor/Bachelorette” we should have had at least THREE seasons with a black candidate, and at least ONE season with a GLBT candidate.

ESPN/ABC is more than willing to show, and celebrate,  over and over, the staged “kiss” between Michael Sam and his boyfriend, when Sam was drafted. They’re happy to delve endlessly into Donald Sterling’s mutterings, but to show us young, healthy, happy blacks and gays trying to connect and find true love….well, sorry, that’s a non-starter.

Since the numbers, according to the left, prove everything; it’s obvious that ABC is inherently and fundamentally racist and homophobic.

We can only ask, and wonder: Where’s the Congressional Black Caucus, and the Congressional  LGBT Equality Caucus, when America really, really needs them.

Demand they hold hearings!